About Erica

Hi there and welcome!

My name is Erica, and I am honored and blessed to be a veterinarian! I genuinely love my profession and the work that I do, which is why my mom and I have started this blog together. Our goal is to be able to provide information on a variety of topics, both veterinary and non-veterinary, and hopefully help you to better understand your pets, and keep them happy and healthy for a very long time!

As I started to write this about me section, I had to dig out my personal statement that I wrote for my veterinary school applications so I could share a comment I made that sums up everything about me, and the direction my career has taken: I believe my life’s work is to protect the lives of animals that do not have a voice that is readily heard by most”. Wow!! Can you believe I wrote that more than 6 years ago, and it is the absolute core of the work that I do now?!

I always wanted to be a veterinarian, and I set my eyes on it after I finished high school, but life has a funny way of taking you down paths you never thought you’d see. I spent my early twenties working in human medicine until one day my beautiful horse, Daisy, fell ill. She was in and out of veterinary hospitals for months until we found an amazing vet to help us!

She spent quite a lot of time in the clinic, as did I, where her doc and I became fast friends. He not only showed compassion to my giant furchild, but also to me. He showed me that veterinarians don’t just treat animals, but they also minister to their owners. That wonderful doctor became my mentor and encouraged me to finish my bachelor’s degree, and then pushed me a little farther to apply to vet school. He and I are still friends, and I’m blessed to have him and his wife cheering me on.

I’ve worked as a hospice veterinarian and found it to be incredibly rewarding. Helping people understand their pet’s disease processes, and helping them navigate end-of-life care was something special. I’ll always keep those clients and patients close to my heart. After leaving that position, I have stayed exclusively in the area of shelter medicine, animal welfare, and community medicine.

I hope you find this blog helpful, and if you have any topics you might want us to explore, please let us know!  We would love to talk all things pets and animals with you!